Custom Orthopedic Boots

The C.R.O.W. (Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker) combines an ankle/foot orthosis and a custom boot to aid in the treatment of Charcot deformity. Our C.R.O.W. boot is designed to reduce plantar surface pressure with the familiar bi-valve configuration and rocker bottom sole. Within the C.R.O.W. boot, we have added a removable, tri-laminated custom foot orthotic which is crafted to off-load the pressure on the foot.

Additionally, our C.R.O.W. boots are available in Black or White and lined with Microcel Puff® for added comfort. Because the C.R.O.W. is easy to put on and take off, patients can bathe daily and maintain proper hygiene.

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C.R.O.W. Boots

Acor C.R.O.W. Boot

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