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Introduction to Custom Footwear
Custom pedorthic products available from Acor

Acor Orthopaedic, Inc. has always been known for its quality and structural integrity that enables your patients to have a more productive and active daily lifestyle. We consistently search the globe for the highest quality materials while trying to keep our custom orthopedic shoes and footwear affordable for you, our customer.

You, as the practitioner, are a vital and valuable member of our footwear family. The new Custom Footwear section illustrates the next step in our commitment to foot care. Following the premise that custom orthopedic shoes should have a measure of style, fashion and affordability, Acor has designed new products to satisfy customers with the most discriminating tastes. During the design process, all Acor custom shoes begin with a thorough evaluation of your patient's mold by our technical support team that supplies you with over thirty years of hands-on experience. We are dedicated to providing any and all special requests that you and your patients may need or wish for. While going through your instructions, we will contact you with any concerns or considerations that we may have and of course, we are always here to address your calls with help. These steps ensure commitment to our customers and our products, in order to provide the quality you know and trust.

Please contact Technical Support for more details at
1-800-237-2267 (option 1).

For more information on our line of custom orthopedic shoes and footwear contact us today.

SADMERC review letters available upon request. Acor is the world-leader in SADMERC-reviewed orthotics!


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Custom Footwear Features Available


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Acor Therapeutic Value Package

Packages not available with Slippers, Sandals, and Gauntlets.


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