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Acor's commitment to Clinical Education is one of our greatest priorities. Comprised of accomplished instructors, with over 100 years of combined pedorthic experience, we have conducted seminars throughout North America.

Acor has launched a new credential for individuals providing therapeutic shoes and fitting services.

To become a Certified Fitter of Therapeutic Shoes (CFts), individuals have more options than before; see Pre-Certification courses below:

Certified Fitter of Therapeutic Shoes
Agenda, Online 2 day Course
Live Course with an instructor (Webinar Based)

$400.00 (per student)

A practitioner who is an ABC Certified Fitter of Therapeutic Shoes is a health care professional who is specifically educated and trained to provide non-custom therapeutic shoes and non-custom multi-density inserts. This program is a 20-hour online course comprised of Live PowerPoint lectures, videos, lab assignments, home study, and a hands-On portion using web-based conferencing technology.

The course will be broken into six components: four, four-hour live online lectures, home study material and a live individual web conference to complete the hands-on portion of the program. This program is designed for the professional that has limited time to travel, has some computer skills, and likes to have an instructor covering the subject and answering questions as the course is in progress. This course meets the requirements for the ABC Certified Fitter of Therapeutic Shoes.

A high speed Internet connection and web camera are required. Also required are a fitting stock (at least eight pair of shoes in different widths and lengths to be able to fit shoes to your patient), measuring device, heat gun (or oven), off-the-shelf orthotics and a molding mat. All of these items can be purchased at the time of registration. A sample box of materials will be sent upon registration as well. A headset with microphone is also recommended to follow along with the program.

The Course Itinerary is as follows:

Block A:
  15 min - Intro                        
  30 min - Terminology
  70 min - Anatomy of the Foot
  30 min - Gait
  70 min - Material Science
  30 min - Handouts on material

Block B:
  05 min - Diabetes the Movie
  60 min - Complications associated with the diabetic foot
120 min - Patient Evaluation
145 min - Selection and fitting
  70 min - Handouts of patient evaluation, selection and fitting

Block C:
  90 min - Common foot disorders
  90 min - Documentation
  30 min - Overview of Block A
  30 min - Handouts on documentation and billing

Block D:
  30 min - Professional Ethics
  10 min - Marketing
  20 min - Measuring, Fitting and Heat Molding video
  45 min - PPT on Measuring, Fitting and Heat molding
  60 min - Review of Blocks B and C
  90 min - Review of ABC Book of Code, Fitter Book of Rules, and Scope of                  Practice

Block E
  60 min - Live Hands on Competency demonstration:

Block F
120 min - Additional Home Study: Study daily all the hand outs and course                  material including the four addition Reading handouts

Tests will be administered on all subjects including a test on the home study material as well.

Contact Acor for Class Schedules.

MCE Requirements

Participation in the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) program is a requirement to maintain each credential awarded by ABC. Credentials are renewed at the end of each 5 year MCE cycle after the minimum number of required credits have been earned.  Each credential has a specific number of credits that must be earned.  Please select the appropriate credential type below for the specific requirements for the credential you maintain with ABC.

For additional information, please reference the Guide to Maintaining Your Certification.

To ensure that ABC credentialed individuals are maintaining their certification through appropriate learning activities relevant to their ABC credential, ABC will award discipline specific credits, when appropriate and feasible, to Category I approved programs. 

For those individuals not credentialed by ABC in the approved discipline(s), Category II credits may be awarded.  Although ABC will acknowledge content outside of a scope of practice, each credentialed individual is required to earn the majority of their continuing education credits on content specifically related to their ABC credential.

CEU Courses
2 CEU for ABC Category I
For Orthotists, Orthotic Assistants, Orthotic Technicians and Pedorthist.

Acor Continuing Educational Programs are designed with the Practitioner in mind. We will cover topics that you have asked for, in a format that is easy for you to attend.

These are Intermediate programs that will be provided using the GoToTraining System and will be 120 minutes duration with a live instructor.

Our program on Orthotics- Functional or Accommodative will cover the following:
  1. The differences between Functional and Accommodative foot Orthotics
  2. When to use one style rather than the other
  3. Specific casting techniques for each style
  4. How to make different types of each

Our program on Orthotics- Intrinsic Posting Verses Extrinsic Posting will cover the following:
  1. The differences between Intrinsic posting and Extrinsic posting
  2. When to use one style rather than the other
  3. How to make an Intrinsic post
  4. How to make an Extrinsic post
Call Acor to get more details on each program: 800-785-9742

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