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Orthotics Based on Activity

As an orthotics supplier of prefabricated orthotics, Acor is committed to providing an extensive array of choice and design. Our prefabricated orthotics fall into 6 distinct categories made to reflect different activities and lifestyles. Each of our orthotics are unique, but have one attribute in common - they are designed to help make people's feet more comfortable and to help them enjoy a better quality of life. For more information on how our prefabricated orthotics can meet your patients’ needs, contact us today.

An orthotic designed for the individual who requires more cushioning and is less active.

These orthotics are for individuals who are moderately active and want a balance between cushioning and support.

Designed for the active individual who is looking for more support and less conformity in their orthotics.

Pediatric arch supports offer gentle, corrective control for young children through all sorts of activities.

Custom Fabricating Blanks
Acor offers custom orthotic blanks, known as QUIKformables®, to cut down on fabrication time.

Custom Foot Orthoses
Our Acorthotics® are crafted from cast impressions of your patient's feet and are delivered to your door.

SADMERC review letters available upon request. Acor is the world-leader in SADMERC-reviewed orthotics!

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Reading the Orthotics Chart

Our orthotics chart is designed to help you easily select the proper custom or prefabricated orthotics for your patient. Each section on our chart is listed in the order of the most cushioning and conforming to the most rigid and durable.

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The Orthotic Chart

Orthotic Brand
Item Number
Flat Single Layer
X-Static® lined Neo-Sponge (full)
Women: 5-16 Men: 3-14
Weight Range: All Weights
All activities where extra comfort is needed.

Brand Name of the Orthotic

Acor is an orthotics supplier for many high-quality brand name prefabricated orthotics, including:

Sole Defense®: Retail orthotics containing X-Static®, the silver fiber. Each Sole Defense® orthotic is heat moldable.

QuikFit Pro®: Professional-grade orthotics designed to be heat moldable and modified.

KidFits®: Pediatric orthotics that keep kids feet feeling good.

Acorthotics®: Our custom brand of orthotics designed to flawlessly fit any foot.

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When searching for an orthotics supplier, Acor is dedicated to offering the right shape for every situation. Our prefabricated orthotics are available in either a biomechanical (full posterior coverage) orthotic or a hybrid-biomechanical coverage orthotic. The latter uses different material combinations to offer degrees of support and cushioning to targeted areas of the foot.

Biomechanical: Covers the entire base of the foot and, unlike flat inlays supports the arch offering a comfortable fit.


Hybrid-Biomechanical: Designed to offer cushion where the foot needs it most while supporting the arch. Combinations of materials with differing densities are utilized to accomplish this.

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Materials: Materials come in different layers and qualities. Laminations (adding more than one layer of material) take a characteristic, which is poor in one material, and offset that characteristic with another material, which adds strength to the orthotics.

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Sizes: All sizes are designated in U.S. standard women's and men's sizes.

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Weight Range: A person's weight can alter the effectiveness of orthotic materials and shapes. For this reason, Acor has listed a suggested weight range for all adult-sized orthotics.

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Activities: This is a list of potential activities the practitioner can use in the determination of an orthotic. It further helps to pinpoint the right orthotic for the patient.

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Item Number: Describes the item number of the orthoses followed by the shape of the orthotic in either a (L) full foot bed, covering the entire base of the foot, or a (S) short foot bed, which extends from the heel to just behind the metatarsals.

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Shock: Determines the amount of cushioning that the prefabricated orthotics materials offer to the patient. A low number reflects a superior amount of shock absorption, while a higher number indicates a greater amount of support.

Explanation of shock ratings:
1- P-Cell®
2- Neo-Sponge™
3- Microcel Puff®
4- EFM™
5- Plastic

Ultra Cushioning
Equal Cushioning and Support
Strong Support
Rigid Support

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Durability: Signifies how well our prefabricated orthotics materials will retain form after extended use. A low number indicates the materials will conform to the foot. A high number reflects a material will retain its' shape.

1- Ultra-conforming
2- Conforming
3- Conforming/Rigid
4- Firm Orthotic
5- Rigid Orthotic
Minimal Activity
Light Activity
Moderate Activity
High Activity
Very High Activity

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