X-Static Benefits


You will notice that many of our products contain a material known as X-Static®. X-Static® - a pure silver fiber woven directly into our shoes, insoles, and fabricating materials offers the following superior benefits not found in any other products in the medical footwear industry:

X-Static®: Kills Bacteria & Fungi

Our feet and shoes harbor millions of organisms and bacteria which can be harmful to us. On average, our feet sweat a cup of moisture per day. The heat and moisture that build up in our shoes create a breeding ground for these bacteria and fungi to grow. This is why people experience such maladies as Athlete's Foot (tinea pedis). The anti-microbial performance of X- Static® has been proven to have the following distinct advantages:

Speed: X-Static® eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on the material in less than one hour of exposure.

Effectiveness: The silver in X-Static® kills bacteria and fungi faster as the temperature in your footwear rises due to activity.

Safe and Natural: X-Static® is made with pure silver, a naturally occurring element. There are no chemicals or fear of toxicity to the consumer.

Permanent: The silver in X-Static® becomes a physical part of the fiber. The performance of the product will not diminish over time.

X-Static®: Destroys Odor

X-Static® offers both antimicrobial and anti-odor benefits. Bacteria are only one cause of body odor. Ammonia and denatured proteins are also significant contributors to odor in footwear. Incredibly, both ammonia and denatured proteins bind most readily with silver.

Because silver is on the outside of the fiber, X-Static® allows for immediate binding with these odor causing agents – resulting in instant odor reduction! The benefits of X-Static®  include:

Defends Against Blisters & Hot Spots
The biophysics of footwear has become an area of significant interest in recent years. With the use of X-Static®, it is now possible to use the existing energy of the body and the environment to actively regulate temperature through heat transfer.

Cold Weather Solution: X-Static® footwear enhances the natural movement of moisture through evaporation. As a result, X-Static® transports moisture away from the body faster, allowing for a more comfortable environment and less potential for convective heat loss.

Warm Weather Solution: In warm weather, X-Static®addresses evaporation by dissipating the amount of moisture in contact with your feet. Since heat and moisture are being dispersed, hot spots and blisters are greatly reduced!

X-Static® Fabric: Silver Is All Around Us

By the time people reach the age of understanding, at approximately three to four years of age, they have been inundated with positive messages about silver. These messages help add to the overall marketing power of X-Static®. A few examples of this are:

Born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
This originally meant that you had a better chance of surviving childhood because your were born into wealth and privilege. We now know that silver kills E-Coli and salmonella. Both of these organisms were prevalent on non-silver eating utensils and were a common source of infant sickness and mortality.

Every cloud has a silver lining. This idiom means that there is something good in every bad situation. The aristocracy in Rome and elsewhere during the Middle Ages drank from silver goblets, which were known to provide natural antibacterial protection. Because people equated silver with clean water and because rainwater was considered clean water, the two were joined: silver-like water was the advantage of poor weather.

He is silver-tongued. Today this saying refers to the wisdom or cleverness of an individual. However, the saying originally dates back to the Middle Ages, when royalty would test their wine for poison with a silver rod. If the rod turned black, it meant that there was arsenic in the wine. So, if you had a silver tongue, you possessed supernatural talents.

X-Static® Fabric: Silver Is All Around Us

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