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  AAOP Atlanta, GA Mar 21-24, 2012
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  AOPA Boston, MA Sep 6-9, 2012
  Medtrade, #2433 Atlanta, GA Oct 16-18, 2012
  PFA, #116 Little Rock, AK Nov 1-3, 2012

Press Releases

January 2008: Acor Launches Innovative AFO Gauntlet  Word Document
Acor utilizes the design and expertise of fabricating footwear to launch a complete line of custom AFO gauntlets. The new line blends function and style like no other product on the market.

April 2007: Acor Expands Shoe Line by 500%  Word Document
Acor now is offering 24 styles of Drew Shoes to its' line of Comfort Shoe Products. Look for new Athletic, Mary Jane styles, and casual dress shoes.

Dec. 2006: SADMERC-Reviewed Orthotics: 50+ and Growing  Word Document
Acor understands all diabetics are not the same. This is why we have developed over 50 SADMERC-reviewed orthotics – that is more than any other pedorthic manufacturer!

Nov. 2006: Full-Line Catalog and Price List Now Available  Word Document
Acor Orthopaedic, the company that has brought innovative technologies to the pedorthic industry, introduces its' new, easy-to-use catalog with over 100 pages of pedorthic solutions.

Dec. 2005: Slip Into Silver Lined Socks To Protect Feet  Word Document
Acor introduces a new line of socks lined with X-Static – a silver fiber known worldwide for its anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and blister reduction. Available in Grey and Black.

Aug. 2004: Silver-lined Shoes Appear on Acor Shelves  Word Document
To address the issues diabetics have with their feet, Acor's entire line of footwear has been enhanced with a silver technology called X-Static®. X-Static® is an innovative fiber that has a natural layer of silver permanently bonded to it.

Aug. 2003: Sole Defense Retail Orthotics  Word Document
The Sole Defense® Foot Orthotic System was created to provide an unparalleled level of cushioning, support, and protection for the feet. Sole Defense® is not merely an insole - it is the industry's first comprehensive and interactive orthotic system. It represents the most significant product introduction in the history of the retail insole market.

Jul. 2002: P-Cell Proves Positive With Podiatric Population  Word Document
P-Cell® is heat-moldable, grindable, and long lasting - an excellent combination for both foot care specialists and patients.