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Custom Design + Select Materials = Optimum Cushion and Support

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Chiro-THOTICS™ are tuly CUSTOM orthotics

For each one we start with an actual impression of the foot, capture the data with a true 3D scanner and then design the final product which is milled by a high-precision CAD/CAM system.

This results in a device that FITS THE FOOT and provides for proper balance and alignment!

Acor Chiro-THOTICS Explore orthotics with X-Static top cover

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shown without top covers:

Acor Chiro-THOTICS Traveler orthotics
Acor Chiro-THOTICS Voyager orthotics
Acor Chiro-THOTICS Explorer orthotics

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Choice of 2 top covers

Acor Chiro-THOTICS top covers

* X-Static® silver fibers are woven directly into the fabric.
This inhibits the growth of micro-organisms, resists odor and defends against blisters and hot spots.

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Acor Chiro-THOTICS top covers

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Available Modifications

Acor Chiro-THOTICS rear-foot wedging Acor Chiro-THOTICS metatarsal pads Acor Chiro-THOTICS depressions and heel spur pockets Acor Chiro-THOTICS heel lifts

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Available at participating Chiropractic Offices

Ask for them by name:

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