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Acor DuraFORM low density EVA


This new low-density EVA delivers unsurpassed performance.

Think of it as an upgraded Microcel Puff®.

DuraFORM provides excellent elasticity, improved cushioning and dimensionally stable properties.

DuraFORM is produced as a closed cell structure.

It won't absorb perspiration and is easy to clean.

Durometer: 30 Shore A (±5)
Sheet Size: 42" x 34"
Thicknesses: 116", 18", 14"
Composition: EVA
Molding Temperature: 225°-275° F 2-3 min.
Grindable: YES
Available Colors: Light Blue, Black
Uses: foot orthotics, base layers, topcovers, prosthetic liners

Light Blue Black Dimension Case
PUFF-00730 PUFF-00733 116" 48
PUFF-00731 PUFF-00734 ⅛" 24
PUFF-00739 PUFF-00748 316" 16
PUFF-00732 PUFF-00735 ¼" 12

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