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M.Or.F.S. (Modular Orthotic Fitting System)

Three Base Layers + Three Top Layers + Modifications = Hundreds of Choices!

Customized Pre-Fabs - Your Lab or Ours!


Mix Them

Therapeutic MOrFS

Therapeutic MORF-0101

P-Cell® top layer, Microcel Puff® base

Walking MOrFS

Walking MORF-0102

X-Static®-lined Microcel Puff® top layer, Multicork™ base

Active MOrFS

Active MORF-0103

X-Static®-lined Microcel Puff® top layer, Firm Microcel Puff® base

Step One: Choose any pre-molded 3/4 length base and combine it with a full-length molded cushioned top layer OR M.Or.F.S. are available in pre-selected combinations designed for your patient's lifestyle.

Which M.Or.F.S. Meet Your Needs?
...a simple foot orthotic?
...a customized foot orthotic?
M.Or.F.S. fit most styles of footwear.

Step Two: M.Or.F.S. is a two-part foot orthotic system. Decide if your shoe can accept a top, a base, or both layers. Use both layers as the ultimate in cushioning and support in your therapeutic, walking and active shoes. The top layer or base can also be used individually (not shown) for full foot cushioned comfort or support in footwear such as loafers or dress shoes that have less room inside.

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Match Them

Therapeutic MOrFS and a shoe

Extra Depth Shoes:

M.Or.F.S. works well as a combination - with or without modifications - in your extra depth footwear for maximum comfort and protection.

Walking MOrFS and a shoe

Walking Shoes:

M.Or.F.S. will fit comfortably into most walking shoes, offering a balance between cushion and support.

Active MOrFS and a shoe

Athletic Shoes:

M.Or.F.S. slides perfectly into your athletic shoes and offer superior protection and support from your heel to toe.

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Modify Them

Step Three: Order any modifications needed and let Acor's custom footwear department do the work, or simply modify in your own facility.

  • Metatarsal Bars
  • Metatarsal Pads
  • Metatarsal Reliefs
  • Heel Depressions
  • Wedging
  • Posting
  • Saddle Accommodations
  • Morten's Extension
  • Arch Fills
Modified MOrFS shown from the bottom

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