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Assist Balance Brace

The AXIS Assist Balance Brace is a custom made AFO designed to reduce the instance of falls in the elderly and those with poor balance. This brace should be used along side a fall prevention plan which includes strength training, environmental changes, physical therapy and or other related specialties. With easy to reach and operate hook and loop closures the Assist brace is likely to increase patient compliance. The light weight thermo plastic shell can be lined with P-Cell® or fabric for a comfortable interface.

Balance Brace AFOs
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AXIS Assist Balance Brace

For use in comprehensive fall prevention plans.
  • Easy to use Velcro® straps
  • Light weight polypropylene shell
  • Open dorsal, low-profile design allows easy fit into shoes
  • Padded fabric liner covering is light weight and durable
  • P-Cell® or padded nylon fabric liner for comfortable interface
  • In-house turnaround time of  12-14 business days
  • Custom built-in orthosis
    Black EcoTex, Black, Tan
    Clinical Indications:
    • Difficulty walking or maintaining balance
    • History of falls
    • Vestibular Disorder
    • Chronic ankle instability
    • Arthritic ankle
    • Stroke imbalance/ foot drop
    • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy
    Suggested L Codes:
      L1940, L2820
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      Made In USA
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